Recent Article on The Power of Inertial Training

Are barbells the best way to resistance train athletes?  Recent technological developments may say otherwise.

Flywheel training is both a compliment to barbell training, as well as a stand alone method to build massive levels of athletic strength

I am finding that inertial training, which I first discovered more than a decade ago with the Versapulley conical flywheel, and more recently the kBox by Exxentric not only substitutes nicely for the higher rewarding barbell resistance, but is now replacing traditional gravity based resistance training entirely in many situations.

So, recently I wrote an article that was published on Just Fly Sports titled:

Power of Inertial Training: A Case for the Substitution of Core Barbell Lifts with Flywheel Resistance

In the article I cover:  my extensive history with inertial training, barbell risk and reward, inertial resistance as a barbell substitute, examples of inertial training in Europe and the new world, as well as many other useful insights that are unique to the utilization of inertial training as we have at the The Alpha Project.