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Below are a few classes we offer:
Strength / Conditioning

 1 Hour

Sessions include a combination of speed, agility, form, technique & circuit training. We focus on building a solid foundation for the athlete, so that they can move forward into the sport of their choice with ease & edge on the competition. For both male & female athletes of all sports.

Advanced Strength / Conditioning

 2 Hours

Designed by our owner & founder Paul Cater, Alpha Project’s program utilizes the same training methods as our Professional Athletes, for both male & female athletes of all sports which includes:

Sprint mechanics |  Weight lifting | Injury Prevention | Acceleration | Agility | Reaction time | Bridge Athletic Monitoring

Barbell Club

 2 Hours

Have completed 6 months of a General Strength Program or CrossFit Classes. Have a competent understanding of weightlifting, both Power and Olympic. Must be able to perform a proper Air Squat. Must be able to perform an Overhead Squat at full depth with an empty bar. Jerk Overhead position (power and split). Snatch and Clean start positions. 

Alpha Adult Fitness

 1 Hour

A 60-minute full body workout that will help you increase muscle endurance & strength with HIIT.  Come train with us and we’ll help you reach your fitness goals!

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