“The Alpha Project has done wonders in preparing me for the next level of my athletic career. Paul has created a comfortable, and hard working environment that makes athletes want to be better. I had an amazing experience with Paul and the other strength coaches, and the skills that they are teaching are the same skills being taught at top programs, such as Oregon. I can’t express how grateful I am to have been a part of the Alpha Project.”



Marisa Given-Softball Player-University of Oregon

“Alpha Project is a company I’d like to personally thank for the amount of focus they gave me in the off season. The training was soo hard but it was so worth it. I remember spending all day awaiting the arrival to this gym. The vibe is what it is all about, and they created the environment that I wanted to be in all the time. I hated leaving because of how supportive the staff was and how much fun I had. They put me through the greatest training I’ve ever received and I owe this place a huge thank you. Paul Cater and his staff has helped me become mentally stronger, physically faster and better on and off the field. He put his phone down, his other priorities on hold, and spend every second making sure my form, control and focus was on point. All he wants is his athletes to be the best. It’s amazing that when I thought about going to this place, I thought that it would be too much work. But now I want more and more. Even when I’m sore. If you’re ever in Monterey, Ca pay this gym a visit and see what the vibe is all about. It’s worth every second. I can’t wait to spend more time here in the off-season.”

Kory Groves – CSUMB Pitcher / MLB Baltimore Orioles Pitcher

“I began training at the Alpha Project in the fall of 2013 and when I started there, I had no idea the impact their program would have on not only my athleticism, but my entire life. I went in with the mindset of just wanting to get better, I wanted to be in the best possible shape for my upcoming season and be able to use my abilities to their fullest and Alpha helped me achieve that and so much more. They helped me push my body to strengths I never thought were possible and they made sure I was doing everything the right way. I know too many people who get injured at the gym because they aren’t given proper technique lessons and are just thrown into a workout not knowing what end is up. The entire staff at Alpha takes the time to make sure you feel confident and actually excited about what you’re doing. Through training with Alpha, I not only noticed my body and my abilities changing, but I noticed a change in my mind and my confidence. I’m a huge believer in self-confidence and how important it is to have and Alpha has helped me immensely with my own. They, without a doubt, helped me earn my scholarship to play softball at the next level in college and I already can’t wait to come back home and train with them.”

Faith Apolskis – Softball Player – Bloomfield College

“My daughter loves ALPHA. She has been to a few training facilities, but this one is by far the best! She started ALPHA with a fractured foot and Paul was able to work my athlete so the transition back to playing softball after being non weight to partial weight bearing for about 3.5 months so much easier on her. They empower young women and teach them that being strong, “thick” and athletic is a beautiful thing. My daughter is so proud of her strong thighs =) We are so thankful and blessed to have found ALPHA.”

Cynthia Rose Bush